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Our Profile

Imperial is the brand name of the cookers manufactured under Imperial Company for manufacturing home appliances (previously named as Raa Industrial Co.), based in 10th of Ramadan City. It was established in 1993 as a manufacturing company, specialized in designing and producing cookers and it markets its products under the brand name (Imperial). Its products are designed to meet the demands of local and export markets with international industry standards, especially the European ones No. (1-1- EV30). It also has the Egyptian Quality Certificate in addition to the (ISO 90001-2000 certificate).

Our Mission

Imperial follows the international quality standards in manufacturing and combines between the best materials and the modern technology to produce sophisticated products that cope with the local and export markets and to offer them with competitive prices. It does so to make its costumers enjoy products of a high quality and modern technology.

Geographic Existance

Imperial has been remarkably expanded in a short time and has more than 200 authorized distributors all over Egypt in addition to the service centers in all the governorates. Besides, there is an ambitious future plan to expand the service centers and the authorized distributors to make is products on top of the local products that are available in the Egyptian market. There are also some future plans to expand in offering its products in the international markets.

Man Power

• Imperial always provides job opportunities during the continuous and remarkable expansion and development in the factories that would lead to reduce unemployment and would contribute to the country’s efforts to develop its economy.


• To make the trademark (Imperial) among the giant trademarks in the Egyptian Market to make its market share comprise 25% of the volume of the Egyptian market and also to enter the Arab, African and European markets with competitive and high-quality products.
• To develop the computer programs system and to use modern technology in linking between all its branches and headquarters, factories, and exhibitions.
• To add new automatic production lines to raise the efficiency and the rates of production.
• To expand in the network of the importers through using the best components.
• The permanent update of the models to cope with the technological development.
• To establish quality laboratories to examine and ensure the product’s quality before reaching the costumer.

Future Plans

• Imperial will include all types of home appliances by adding new products such as screens, electric ovens, fans, water heaters, washing machines, fridges, and deep freezers to meet the consumer requirements and produce high-quality products at competitive prices.
• The Company will make a full and sustainable development, improve the working group skills, and increase the efficiency of its products.
• The Company will establish new manufactures over an area of more than 40,000 m2 to increase production rates.
• The Company will expand export activities. Beside exporting finished products, the Company exports knocked down parts to be assembled abroad in cooperation with local partners in some of these countries.
• The Company will expand the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and call center and establish service centers at all governorates to ensure providing a distinctive service for the customers.

The Efforts Of The Country & Its Institutions

Manufacturing is considered the biggest factor that thrives the economy of the country. At the beginning of the 21st Century, Egypt started to increase the efficiency of its industry and exerted all the efforts to raise the competitiveness of the Egyptian product and develop industry under the framework of a full program that cope with the global economy. Egypt’s intention to increase export inside and outside the country through digitizing customs to facilitate the handling at all air, sea, and land points of entry which improved Egypt classification in the international indicators and strengthened the Egyptian exports competitiveness. In addition to changing and modifying many laws and regulations of import and export to keep pace with the times and increase the rates and the values of the Egyptian product to be included among the global products.

The Efforts Of The company & Its National Role

• Producing a high-quality Egyptian product to be included in the local and international markets so that in the future the Company becomes one of the biggest exporting Egyptian companies in the Middle East.
• Increasing export through manufacturing the raw materials used in the final manufacturing in its factories.
• Providing many job opportunities through enlarging the factories, the sustainable development and increasing the production.